DevOps as Service

Virtual Private DevOps (VPD) is a bespoke service designed for small businesses ranging from 2 to 50 employees who need the expertise of a DevOps team but cannot afford to hire full-time, dedicated DevOps staff. VPD provides businesses with a flexible team of 2 to 4 experienced DevOps engineers. This service ensures that at any given moment—whether during standard business hours or 24/7, depending on your plan—an experienced DevOps professional is available to support your operations. Our service model is centered around providing top-tier DevOps expertise on a rotational basis, ensuring continuous coverage and a deep understanding of your infrastructure needs.

With DotNot Managed DevOps Services you get

Cost Efficiency

Gain the expertise of senior DevOps engineers at the cost of hiring a junior employee, optimizing your IT budget.

Continuous Coverage

Our rotational team model guarantees that your business is always supported, eliminating downtime and ensuring operational continuity.

Custom Solutions

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we tailor our DevOps solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring you pay only for what you truly need, with scalable options as your business grows.

Tools and Services We Usually Use

Our team is proficient in a wide range of DevOps tools and services to automate deployments, manage infrastructure, and ensure continuous integration and delivery. Common tools we use include:

Cloud Platforms:
Containerization and Orchestration:
CI/CD Pipelines:
Infrastructure as Code (IaC):
Monitoring and Logging:

Pricing Packages

Our pricing is designed to be flexible, accommodating the varied needs of a businesses


Designed for emerging startups, this package offers 20 hours of expert DevOps support per month, with reliable 8×5 coverage. Perfect for getting foundational DevOps practices in place.

600 EUR/month
Scalable SMB

Ideal for growing small and medium-sized businesses, the Scalable SMB package provides 40  DevOps hours per month with the flexibility of optional 24/7 availability. Tailored to support scaling operations smoothly.

starting at 1600 EUR/month

Crafted for larger organizations needing comprehensive support, the Enterprises package delivers 80 hours per month of our top-tier DevOps expertise with full 24/7 support. Ensure your operations are always running at peak efficiency.

starting at 4800 EUR/month
* All prices are in EURO without VAT
* All plans can be prepaid at 10 months for 12 months
* Time to react is based on week schedule. First mentioned hour is for the on-work hours whereas the second mentioned hour is for the off-work hours as well as weekend days.
* Custom tailored solutions and plans can be crafted based on your needs
Need more?


Absolutely! We understand that your needs may evolve, and our services are designed to be as flexible as your business.

We can customize a solution for you. Contact us to discuss a tailored package that fits your specific requirements.

Our response times vary depending on the chosen package, with options for immediate support under our 24/7 plans.

Yes, we provide regular reports detailing the work performed, the current status of your systems, and any recommendations for improvements.